Hi, New to the forums here. Been reading everything I can on these econotig issues. Mine seems to be just a tad but different, or maybe not.

First off I only use my machine for tig.. I replaced all torch components. Running I think the new purple tungsten. Airgas set me up with saying it will do alum/ and steel. regulator is at 20, tank is nearly full.

I seem to have couple issues. My high freq works half the time, could be ground.

It seems like it does not have enough oomph to even start a puddle, on 1/16-1/8" steel or aluminum. It barely has enough to melt the filler.

Now If I crank it all the way up to 100% on the dial or all the way down the outcome is the same, not enough to start a puddle on steel. With my pedal I don't have any control either. Wide open or the very least the control does not differ. Like on or off.

Thanks PRAXAIR wants $180 to send it out, + any more after that you won't know until you get the bill............ F-THAT !!