First I would like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Nathan and I am 19 years old and just graduated high-school back in June. I was a welder for 2 years in high-school in my vocational class and I also did my internship at a welding school and then after I graduated I paid to go there and took the full 6 weeks class and did amazing with it and I had a lot of fun with it. I finished everything in 3 weeks and was working more advanced stuff. But now I feel like I have just been stabbed in the back! I had to go back for my 10hour OSHA training course 2 weeks ago because when I was going to the school back in November I was the only student their. Which is unheard of because he usually has a lot of people and their facility is one of the few facilities in New England that can give you AWS certification right on the spot. But it is just so that when I was doing my OSHA training the OSHA trainer told us that welding stainless steel is like the next asbestos and you can develop lung cancer if you breathe it in. which if you are smart you would have proper ventilation and a respirator and overall from your regulars. But he also said that the dust from the welding can get on your clothes can get on your regular clothes and you can bring it home to your family and if you get it on their clothes by accident they can get it on their clothes an inhale it by accident and then you just gave them a greater percentage of getting cancer. So I feel betrayed like this is a job not for me anymore. can I get a second opinion on this please and thankyou?