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    Default stick welding noob.... any advice on this ? root&fill

    **** weld1.jpg

    **** weld2.jpg

    can any one help me out with this? 2 months of practice and i cant get it done the right way...

    6010 root, 7018 fill &cover...uphill.

    thank you....

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    Default stick welding noob.... any advice on this ? root&fill

    Watch under the rod, get ur face below that rod and watch it go in

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    Weld your first picture your welds look good but you need to work on your starts and stops. Start alittle bit above the where you last left off and then drop your rod down and fill that puddle and than continue going up. And as for the 6010 you want to come in and out with it, it is not used the same as a 7018. And don't worry about the porosity when you start filling in with your 7018 the penetration will make up for it!

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    I am shopping around for a TIG welder, as anyone would see, tig is a fairly expensive feature on a welder. I have spoke with a few guys (they are trying to sell their TIG) and they often state that the pulse feature is entirely unneeded. I really can't say so one way or another so I am hoping for some great personal feedback.

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