I am planning on building a wooden fence using these prefabricated 8ft x 6ft panels from Lowes. I have never built a fence before so any suggestions you have I would sure appreciate.

Either going to use this panel style ($35.97 each)

Or this panel style. It is more expensive per panel ($44.97 each) so maybe its made better. I think the panels are a little thicker.

The plan is to lay a ~ 6" wide cement path around the property perimeter facing the street and have the metal posts cemented in place (centered in the ~ 6" wide path). The fence panels will rest on the small ~ 6" wide cement perimeter, or maybe I can space them up by an inch to get them off the cement. I'll weld short pieces of 2" strap to the posts and bolt the fence panels to the strap.

The thought behind the cement is to keep dogs from digging under the wooden fence and to keep the fence off the ground to prevent termites. The thought behind the metal posts instead of wooden is also to prevent termite damage.

Any idea how thick the metal posts should be?

I was thinking of using 8ft metal pipe or square tubing and having about 2ft cemented in the ground.

I think the square tubing might be easier to put the strap on since it would be flat and give a longer surface to weld to. I would just have to make sure the flat edge lined up when cementing it in.

I am not sure if 2" square tubing is big enough to handle the fence or if I should go up to 3" or 4". In west texas some times the wind does get up pretty high even in town.

The steel supply place here has a listing of the material they carry.

I haven't taken property measurements yet but I'm estimating the property we will be fencing will be close to 65ft x 100ft.