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Thread: New to welding

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    Default New to welding

    Whats up guys, i just picked up my first welder. I got a miller 140 to start. I was always fascinated by welding and making it look nice haha. I got this welding to learn mig with. i am pumped and figured no better way to learn the basic then here. Just have to go find myself a 75/25 cylinder and get started.

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    Sounds like you are headed in the right direction. Keep practicing and it will come together. Just remember to search the forum first with any questions you have, there has been hundreds of great conversations over the years. This is a great place to start yourself on the right foot.

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    Default difference in books

    Good to ask a lot of questions even if you have to start new threads.
    A lot of the senior members are a big help.
    Some people will give you a hard time for starting new threads,
    but when they are rude it's best just to ignore them.
    Ask away -
    That is what the forums are for -
    to get into other members heads.

    Few good books are a help.
    Some of them get very technical and can be a bit overwhelming,
    others are better suited to a beginner and let you see a way forward with a 140 mig.
    Welding Basics [Paperback]
    Karen Ruth (Author)

    Good luck.

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    Getting a welder and a tank isn't the best way to learn to weld. You can learn wrong that way. I say that because you don't really know what is a good weld/bad weld yet.

    Youtube some videos from and visit their website, you will learn what is good and what isn't. Once you learn the difference between a good and bad weld, you can start teaching yourself correctly.

    Welding is fun, enjoyable, and the only way to make that custom steel bumper, but it can be a hassle to remember where it fell off at, since the welds were not done correctly.

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    Yea I've been watching tons of YouTube.

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