Do not nuke this thread, it didn't help the dealer started this off on the left foot but there was a resolution. The fact that the moderators etc did and seemly do not moderate shows high principle, its one of the factors lead me to stay on a mfg forum, both here and Hobart, same principle. Milwaukee tool lost a huge opportunity to have a huge tool forum over this, would have loved to have it to pressure a dealer that was a stonewall and wasn't about to start a career at the time coming to a resolution over small change. At the time,,,,

rememberer saying on their forum that the tools worked great, tops, better than I expect and was critical of thbelttt clip or something like that and it was deleted,,, poorpitifulul.

As far as I know a customer can generally call a factory rep from Hobart or Miller and actually get someone,, often the guy that designed, built or service them, they do hire new but those are likely above the avg person you get anywhere else with 1 step phone call.

I remember during the 210 test I should not have waited to the end to provide some tech return info, guess I might have called them. Now as I recall I forgot to include that the box was damaged in shipping,,, I made a funny and had mbuildbuiild a return box,, in hindsight should have repaired the original and shipped it back in that.