I picked up a Miller 22a and Arc Pak 350 in trade. I never saw it run since the guy delivered it to my house. I switched it from 480 3 phase to 240 single phase per the manual instructions, it turned on, I hooked up my gas bottle, hooked up a spool of .045" wire, replaced some bad parts on the Tregaskiss tough gun, and tried to run a bead.

On 3/16" plate, wire speed at 3 or 4, it just sputtered, erratic arc, popping. I turned the speed down, it was better, turned it down to 1, and it could maintain the arc a little better, for a few seconds, but it piles up on the plate even at low speed, no penetration. It just seems super weak. I struck the arc and watched the gauges on the Arc Pak 350, and it showed 20 volts and 100 amps when it was running.

No matter what settings I change on the pendant, I can't get anything going. It seems to somwehat arc when i have the voltage and speed set way down, but anything high and it just melts the wire to the tip or pops erratically before jamming the wire up in the gun.

What should I look for? I'm starting to think i got the bad end of a trade deal, not even counting all the work it took to get the thing up and running in my garage