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    I've got an '07 F350 6.0. I love it but the mileage isn't what I expected. Diesel costs more than gas in my area. Oil changes are over $100. But I didn't buy it for economy so the cost doesn't bother me.

    I love the way it tows. I also have my 900lb Trailblazer 302 Air Pak in the bed and don't even notice it. Like armer said...... If you've always wanted one, you won't be satisfied until you've tried it.
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    There is a rather large paving operation here is south NJ and I talked to the owner before I upgraded to a utility body truck. They said they stopped buying diesels trucks a few years before then. They still bought them as bigger trucks, but not for little people.

    I currently have a (bought new in sept 2010) 09 6.0l chevy 3500 HD, dually and it is nice. I keep it at about 10,000 lbs from welder and tools/material, and I tow my boom lift (15,000lbs inc trailer). It has 55,000 miles and runs fine. I tow my lift about once a week.

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    It's not the diesel that's expensive; it's the wanting a NEW truck for no particular reason that'll kill your wallet.

    If you want to try a diesel, get a USED one. I'm driving my father's '97 K3500 6.5LTD, and it's surprisingly easy & cheap. Even in winter, I only let it idle until the WTS light stops flashing (usually >20sec after startup), and then go. Otherwise, it's almost identical to a gasser. Yes, in power/torque, too. The older diesels weren't competing with freight trains for power/torque numbers, so they don't burn nearly as much gas, or need nearly as much oil. This one takes 7qt, has 1 oil filter, 1 fuel filter, and is very easy to maintain. Yes, the older IPs were designed for Sulfur in the fuel, so you have to add lubricity agents to ULSD, but that's not difficult, expensive, or inconvenient while waiting for the 34g tank to fill up. This one gets ~12-18mpg depending on how I drive it (usually like Mario Andretti, which gets me closer to 12).

    A nice old $10K truck vs. a shiny new $70K truck...

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    Default weight

    My 350 weight is 13795lbs. With the welder,compressor and tools I carry. So the added power is nice.
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    If you just need a daily driver to get to work and such, and haul a trailer occasionally, get a 1/2 ton gas burner. It will save you bunche$$$ on initial cost and upkeep and fuel costs per gallon are lower too. If your not real concerned with co$t$ and are dead set on getting a diesel truck, go all out and get a Mack or KenWorth with a Caterpillar diesel. Should last you several decades, and you can haul any trailer you can hitch to it.

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    i have thought about it and will just stick with mine for a little bit longer and get a newer gas truck. I really dont have a need for a diesel at this time so decided to go with gas. thanks for all the info guys!

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    Default gas vs diesel

    I have 5 trucks. 2008 f350 4x4 v10 dually. Gets 12 highway, 7 to 8 towing 16k to 20k. Never breaks, highly reliable has very good power, been a great truck. Also have 2 f550 with the 7.3. Very heavy trucks idles all day, they get about 11mpg. Then i have a 2500hd 4x4 with the 6.0 gas this truck can get nearly 15mpg on the highway, 11 city.
    If you are serious about buying a diesel regardless of the brand you buy, if it iis after 2007 they are a nightmare to repair and extremely expensive. Also unless tuned, mileage is barely bettar than gas. I would never buy a diesel unless i was pulling a lot and driving a lot. The newer motors are made to work not idle! Also keep in mind gas is nearly 25 percent cheaper now so the fuel savings are about equal. I would buy a gas.
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    Default Diesel or gas Truck

    I recently got a 2013 1/2 ton ford 4X4, gas engine. Prior to that I was driving 3/4 ton diesel pickups. The price of the vehicle was not a concern, it was Kalifornia's CARB laws that made me change. I took a trip to Las Vegas and used the new pickup. Gas mileage was over 21 when on the open highway. The ride was much better in the 1/2 ton. I was told the mileage would get better with a little age. Go for the gas rig if your not pulling heavy loads.

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