Who has had a chance to weld a lot with both of these guns and how did you like them? Price and ease of getting parts and how well they welded?

I'm wanting to get a millermatic 252 and I have only welded very little with the 30A and well liked it but wasn't long enough to really get a good feel for it. I have welded with the PrinceXL push pull gun just not the Prince XL spoolgun. I know it was a very light gun but there isn't much pricing online and what I did find was pretty high. I personally wasn't happy with the princeXL push pull, it wasn't very reliable lots of hickups everyday trying to weld with it although i was using a 50 ft+whip but I do like that it is very light.
Miller 30A I don't think will be a problem getting parts and the price is very good on it but weighs more.

I tried the search but couldn't find much on the princeXL and not wanting to totally rule it out yet.

Please tell me how you feel about these two guns??