After 12 years with a little Lincoln 100 MIG welder, my wife significantly upgraded me to a new Millermatic 211 for my combined Christmas and birthday. Now I can stick some metal together - maybe! lol

First project was to stick some 1 1/4", 14 gauge, square tubing together using 0.30 wire and gas shield. I set the unit's auto function on and turned the dial to 14 gauge. Metal was all new (no rust). First of all, I couldn't believe how fast I had to run the bead! Jeez, compared to that Lincoln that wire was flying out of the gun. It will take some getting used to, but I also couldn't believe how fast that I could blow a hole in the tubing if I stopped for a nano-second.

I know better than to blame the welding unit. It's the Indian, not the arrow. But I would like to know if there are any tricks to getting used to the speed, or does anyone else think that the auto function may be a little "hot" in the settings? I don't see how you can run a smooth bead having to run it as fast as I seemed to have had to in order not to burn a hole in the tubing.