Anyone used the new Thermal Arc 186 yet? I'm a hobby welder who has been looking to get into a Tig welding and have been comparing the Thermal Arc 186 to the Miller Diversion 180. Looking at the users manual of the 186(see link below) the duty cycle looks a little low but I don't think that would be an issue since it isn't going to be used in a commercial shop. The AC/DC is a must so I can use it on aluminum and I like he fact that the 186 also has the ability to Stick weld. Yes, the Thermal Arc is probably made in China vs. the USA manufacture of the Diversion so I wonder about quality issues. In a perfect world I'd like to have a Dynasty 200DX but it's honestly way more welder than I can see myself ever needing and of course it's more than twice the price of the 186. Soooo, since you guys have far more knowledge and experience than me I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts. I currently have a MM210 and a Thunderbolt XL 225 ac/dc.