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Thread: new welder

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    Dec 2012

    Default new welder

    What welder should I buy? I'm new to welding still learning along with my diesel experience looking for a mig welder good for entry level that won't break the bank

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    Do a search for the welders in your price range. This topic has been covered many times.

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    ThermalArc 181i.

    Mig, stick, and dc tig in one easy to use package. It is made in asia, but has a solid.warranty.

    Thermal's 252I is made in USA, but is pricy. Both are inverters which is a must in my book.
    Nothing welded, Nothing gained

    Miller Dynasty700DX
    3 ea. Miller Dynasty350DX
    Miller Dynasty200DX
    ThermalArc 400 GTSW
    MillerMatic200 with spoolgun
    Lincoln SP-170T
    Linde UCC305 (sold 2011)
    Hypertherm 1250
    Hypertherm 800
    PlasmaCam CNC cutter
    Fadal Toolroom CNC Mill
    SiberHegner CNC Mill
    2 ea. Bridgeport
    LeBlond 15" Lathe
    Haberle 18" Cold Saw
    Doringer 14" Cold Saw
    6 foot x 12 foot Mojave granite

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    Dec 2012

    Default New here but I have been in the biz for 30 years

    Do not have any patience for 120V mig welders.
    As they just do not have the power to weld anything of thickness.
    Using flux core helps.

    Sorry in advance. Yes I know people build things using them all the time.
    It’s just not for me.

    I am spoiled with good equipment. And hate not using a tool.
    That is not more than capable of performing a task.

    No interest in a tool that is built to a price point.

    I have had great luck with used Miller equipment.
    Have used the red painted stuff & it good as well. But blue is for me Thanks.
    I personally stay away from equipment I can’t get parts for (offshore).

    And a new welding machine is like money in the bank.
    I have never lost money on a welder. When selling it years later.

    Go talk with the best welder you can find. A true artist whotakes pride in the art form.
    And listen to what he uses. Heck he may even have a line ongood used equipment?

    Trust me

    Take a welding class at the local community collage. Heck,take all they have to offer.
    It’s your future you are building on.
    And study hard. It will be worth the trip in the long run.

    Knowing a good weld from a bad one is the way to get started.

    And always strive for the that perfect weld joint.

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    Feb 2012

    Default new welder

    I'm with mr2race, the Difference between a good job and bad are TOOLS, craftsman and materials. Without the proper tools it doesn't matter how good the craftsman or materials are

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    If you want a good welder to learn with that you could use later professionally I would keep your eyes on C/L for a Millermatic 200. It has 250 amps at 60% duty cycle (essentially the same as a MM252, but no DRO, etc). It is a solid machine, easy to fix and can be found for $400- $900 on the used market. I have one and use it daily in my business. They will take a newer M-25 gun, or a bernard off ebay. Add A Lincoln Tombstone to your C/L search for a stick welder if you need it. $125 for that and you can weld nearly anything you want.

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