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    12'' disc sander is my tool of choice. i have a powermatic 6''x48'' belt with 12'' disc. You would not believe how much you use it when you have it. Great of truing up pipe ends.
    End grinder and flapper wheels for sure. Another one of those where you wonder how you did without one.
    There's a lot of tools that are available for every little thing. That's where
    you need to decide between wants and needs. With tools, you can never have enough ! It's like welding machines, one is not enough !

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    Its obvious if you want to bend pipe there is no way around some tools, I have bought tools because they were,,, good to have and I didn't particularly have a big use at the time,,, more of a long term view, I'd that less now, tend to do it with as simple and as generic as I can.

    What little I do of that type of thing I usually got some pit stop version, pre bent, make a fitting or 2 if I can even before I drag out the equipment I do have or go to the neighbors but I am general repair,, different game.

    If I was going into that field I would get a real clear idea where I was headed with a good plan,,, which includes some brainstorming with a specialty niche, I got a solid idea for it ain't willing to give it up for free here. I might veer a bit off track to follow ssuccesscess if it led that way but would have a real fundamental strategy that a banker could really wrap his mind around.

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