Hi guys, I have a decent shop set up in my garage and im just about at the point where i need to decide what kind of work i want to get into. I was looking at pipe fabrication becuase it seems like the most cost affective route. Just wondering what equiptment i will need for something like that.

I already have:

miller diversion 180 TIG
miller 375 plasma
millermatic 175 MIG
King 7" x 12" band saw
King drill press
Dewalt chop saw and cordless/corded drills and 4 1/2" grinder
30 Tonne shop press.
60 Gallon air compressor

I have been making some custom performance parts but the cost upfront is killing me and im not really making a lot on them. Also my aluminum TIG is just run of the mill and guys are really expecting high quality welds when doing performance parts.

Selling a lot of stuff on ebay right now so im thinking thats where most of my business is going to come from

Thoughts on equiptment or ideas for me?