HELP ! I have a 375 extreme plasma cutter with the ice 27t torch. This machine has very few cutting hours on it . When I attempt to fire up the machine (air line hooked up, correct pressure,either power input plug installed, ambient temp aprox 50' f,new electrode and tip installed, nothing visibly wrong with swirl ring) the following happens

1-green light and 3 orange trouble lights illuminate for about 0.5 of a second

2-trouble lights go out,green stays illuminated for about 2 seconds.then there is a click, air starts to flow out torch and temperature light comes on and stays on,trigger does nothing, (no Arc)

3- air continues to flow out of torch without depressing the trigger for 20 seconds then stops but the green light and temperature light stay illuminated and still no action when trigger is pressed

Any ideas guys?? I already spent $60 in gas hauling it into a service center. They took the cover off and unplugged the plug with 2 small white wires that goes to the center of the control board. The machine then started working. We tested it for a a few seconds in their shop and I took it home. The first time i plugged it in at home -same problem.