First of all, I'll admit I'm a hobby welder, so I'm far from an expert. Now to my problem... My Millermatic 175, does not want to push wire steadally. I'm running .035 flux core. If I set the speed dial at 30 or below, it doesn't push out any wire at all, (drive rollers do NOT turn) at about 35 on the dial, it starts coming out very, very, very slowly and from there on up the dial it gets progressively better. When I try to run a bead, it acts like the wire is studdering or jerky, not a smooth feed at all.

I installed a new .035 liner and new tip, no help. If I remove the gun and tube, and allow the wire to run free, out the front of the machine, it appears to come off the spool just fine, and I do have full control from 0 to max on the dial...

My question is, is there a way (or need) to lube (or oil) the drive mechnisum? I may be wrong, but it sure appears that the drive assembly bogs down under any load what-so-ever, the rollers just stop.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Chuck in NV