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....this makes good sense.....until you think about the fact that if the auto set was designed for people "that don't have experience", then what happens when they set it and continue to burn through their tubing and can't get good welds when the machine is set as per the instructions???!!! Talk about frustrating to the newbie home welding hobbyist! You pay a premium for an "auto set" feature that after ruining a bunch of metal you learn that the auto set feature really doesn't work well and that you have to learn to set the appropriate wire speed - voltage - metal thickness - type-of-weld combination through trial and error experience. OK, I accept that, but why did Millermatic build a welder that doesn't work as advertised? I would have rather saved the money and bought a 220 V unit without a worthless feature. If I'm forced to learn the machine by trial-and-error anyway, I'd rather have not paid for the auto set!
I use my auto set all the time. But I know it is not magic. It gets me close and i adjust the ONE knob as needed...just means one less knob to turn to get a good weld...and God knows I need this as simple as posible.