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Thread: MM 211 Concerns

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    Default MM 211 Concerns

    I finally unboxed my MM211mvp, and cleared my old HH135 off my welder stand, set everything up and gave it a test drive last night. I only had a little bit of time by the time I got everything up and running, but I ran across a couple of issues:
    • I've had _no_ luck with the autoset. I loaded the spool of Hobart .030" ER70S6, set the knob to .030 and I can't get the weld to lay flat to save my life. I get fairly nice tacks, but when I run a bead it looks like I'm building volcanos (they're smooth, not like if I wasn't getting gas flow, but have a pronounced hump in the middle):

      In this pic I started (from top right to bottom left) with it set to the middle of the 1/8" range (it's 1/8" wall box), then tried it at the top of the 1/8" setting, then finally at the 3/16" setting (you can see it burned through at the end). I have good penetration, doesn't seem to be the lack of surface prep (that piece only has a few rust spots on it, it's nowhere near as bad as it looks in the pic, I cut a weld apart and it's not porous...), it just sits high like that. I'm hoping that I'm doing something wrong because if not that kind of thing pretty much makes the autoset useless (FWIW, I've made exactly the same part before with the HH135 and have no problem laying down a nice flat bead, even with the settings off I can adjust with gun travel...)
    • I think the flow meter might be wonky- I'm used to setting it somewhere _slightly_ higher (one or 2 ticks) than I need, pulling the trigger and getting exactly the gas flow that I need. this one, with a full, new bottle (that is reading the correct pressure...) with it set to maybe 21-22- pull the trigger and it drops to 11 (on my other flow meters i think I'd normally see about 17-18), and when I let go it doesn't always come back to the original setting. Weirder for me, if I close the bottle valve and quickly pull the trigger it will jump past 30 when I let go, and if I do it a couple of times will come pretty close to pegging the flow gauge before it it finally drops from the bottle being closed. Anyone see anything like that before?
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