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    I mean no direspect but call a welder to come out and fix it before you damage it beyond repair.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelchair View Post
    I mean no direspect but call a welder to come out and fix it before you damage it beyond repair.

    I fully understand where you are coming from and no disrespect taken. The bloody thing is only worth about forty five dollars max. You are correct in the possibility of me damaging it but now I have it home, if I could only figure a way of holding the two parts together, I honestly feel I can do the job. I have no intention of reproducing the initial shape in terms of full welds around the breaks and then grinding back the welds and reproducing the form lines. After all it is just a bracket for a tin mail box.
    I am going to clean the area I tacked, try some wire in an attempt at holding the joints in place because there are so many scrolls in the thing, that I can wire up those close to the breaks and still be able to get some wire into the break, I then think I can then Mig it with some silicone bronze.
    When I cut the bracket off the post, I made sure I left some of the weld on both the pole and the bracket. One thing for sure the bloke who welded it on the pole was not shy of using plenty of heat because the welds were very thick and looked like from a mig gun.
    Trying too be a decent person can sometimes be a bloody pain in your own arse.
    Happy Christmas for those of you who are reading this. Very few people think of Mary holding Christ in her arms after giving birth 24 hours before, tired but proud, just like our Mothers felt when we were born. When I matured at about 50, I suddenly started thinking that my birthday was not just about me, Mother had gone through nine months of ****, the end being a lot of pain. Mothers are the ones who had the BIRTH DAY, not us, we just arrived.
    Cheers again to all of you, I am enjoying a Gin and Tonic and a reasonable college bowl game.

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