Help please, a friend has an ornamental bracket for their mail box that has been broken by a car backing out at a recent party. They have asked me if I will have a go at repairing it. The distance from the road back to an electrical outlet is 100 feet. for 110 work have a Dynasty 200 DX and a Millermatic 211, I would rather stick it with the Dynasty, my only rods are 6010, 6011, 6013, 7018. I was just going to tack it a few times, as that should be enough.
So would you tell her to get a real welder or have a go and if have a go what rod should I use. The casting is about 3/8 in thick. I have never welded cast iron before but have seen broken castings that look like pot metal but this stuff looks very pure from what I can see.
Thanks for any help.