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I own about 20 cylinders of various gases. No way would I pay rent on them it would be over $200.00 per month just on rental. I purchased some of my cylinders from individuals, a few from Airgas and some were given to me. All are Airgas bottles or its affiliates . As far as inspections, no need to since I just exchange them when its empty.
As far as transporting acetylene, no problem laying it down, just let it stand upright at least 10 minutes before use.
Are tanks marked to indentify that you own them?

So if you are exchanging your personally owned cylinders for full ones each time, what if you were to quit using that supplier and decided to use another supplier or simply decided not to get your tank filled there anymore. Would you just keep the tank and take it to the other supplier no questions asked?

Or would you have to tell your current supplier your going else where first and they would have to give you a different tank with an identifier that you own it?

How would the other supplier know that you brought in a cylinder you owned and were not exchanging a rented cylinder from another company?