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    Jul 2007

    Default Owner Owned argon Cylinder!

    My new Dynasty from Cyberweld is in route.

    I purchased an owner owned cylinder (no name on it/ tested until 2014) 330CU cylinder and filled for $250.00 cash from LWS.

    Future refills are $45.00. I think this was a good deal.

    What is everyone else paying for same.

    Also, can I figure at 20cu flow this tank will last me about 16 straight hours?

    Have a Blessed Christmas
    Pray for the Conn. Families, what a devastating Christmas they face!

    God Bless

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    Sep 2005
    Salem ,Ohio


    I was told all 330 cf cylinders are gas company owned. Everything smaller is fair game for whoever has it. Just my thoughts...Bob
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    Dec 2008


    I have a 220 cylinder, if I pay cash it costs me 45.oo otherwist it's 60.00.
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    Sep 2005
    Houston, TX


    330 is larger than I want to wrestle around when it's time for a fill. I have 125 cu. ft cylinders on all of my rigs except one with an 80. When I run it down, I plan to swap uyp to 125. Your price was good, I paid $200 for my last 125.

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    Aug 2010
    Los Angeles


    That is a good price. My 330 refills are $47.
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    Dec 2009
    Sublimity, Oregon

    Smile 330 cylinders

    Just picked up a Shopmaster 300 AC/DC in great condition up in Seattle for $1000. When I got there he said I might as well take both (2) 330 cylinders too, cause they were too big for him to move around and refill!! Not a bad deal all in all. ( that was my Christmas present to myself)

    Happy in Sublimity

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    Dec 2009
    Streamwood, IL

    Default Owner Owned argon Cylinder!

    Not all large tanks are owned by the "gas" companies. I purchased a 'T' sized argon tank from a cylinder company, and had them put a neck ring that reads "customer owned". I've never had any issues with getting that tank filled.

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    You got a fair deal for the cylinder, I paid $ 27.84 to have my 330cu.ft filled but I spend at least $300.00 a month with my supplier.

    When it comes to buying and leasing cylinders it varies around the country in some areas they tell you that they are not allowed to sell the big cylinders
    ( That they can only be leased ) They tell you that because they want to collect cylinder rent so they only sell the small cylinders.
    I pushed the issue with my supplier and told them I was not going to lease anymore and that I found a place to buy cylinders, I then asked them if they were going to be interested in filling my customer owned cylinders and then they finally agreed to sell me their big ones, That was about 5 years ago so now I'm at the break even point. Cylinders cell for about $ 300.00 a pc. back 5 years ago.

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    Mar 2011
    st-eustache qc.canada

    Default Lucky you in the USA

    In Canada the only option i know of (exept very small oxy-acet) are on a lease contract only at 100$ ber bottle a year. We are ripped-off.

    Anybody know of a way to buy and have refilled an owned cylinder in Canada.

    I dream of an association or union of independent welders to get even with these gaz suppliers that operate as a monopoly against their customers.

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    Dec 2011


    I wonder if the "lease only" is only in Quebec. Check with TSC (Tractor Supply) in Cornwall, Ontario. They list tanks for sale in their flyers sometimes. I know manyyears ago one could buy tanks in Quebec (like 60 years ago) but doesn't seem like it now.

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