I've had a Passport Plus for nearly two years now. I got it do some repairs on a few remote sites. As i was outside in marginal weather, and due to the nature of the jobs, i have run strictly flux core wire in it.

It is a nice machine with a very soft arc compared to the other brand of machines i have used (think Red). I have run the Passport and flux core in every position and am very impressed with it. It is not a production shop machine for sure. But i have never run up against the duty cycle in the field, on either voltage, ever. Then again, i take my time on most jobs and am not it a big hurry either. I use top of the line, custom made power cords of proper size too...so never have current flow issues. Such wire can cost a small fortune it may seem, but worth it.

I was looking at the 211 as well before i purchased. VERY glad i got the Passport. It's a great rig. Now looking at the new one, TIG capable, that i see they offer. Always somp new to buy!

Passport is worth the extra money IMO. First time you DONT have to roll or carry the 211 somewhere, you will be glad too you got it (Passport).