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    Default Tig setup for a Trailblazer 325?

    I just picked up a Trailblazer 325 and would like a couple suggestions for a decent TIG setup to learn on for it. Mostly for light to mild duty steel and stainless.

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    I'd like to know the same for a TB302.
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    I'm not usually one to complain; in this case I will make an exception. To have this thread looked at 172 times without a knowledgeable response leaves a rather bitter taste in my mouth. More so due to the fact that another user appears to be looking for something similar and still no response after roughly two days. So I'll go about answering my own question in this thread with knowledge I've gained by simply utilizing Google, which irks me to no end. I shouldn't have to answer my own question in a forum such as this. Prove me wrong by adding constructive criticism in this thread.

    I found this rather easy to use TIG torch selector on Weld Craft's website.

    Looking at the manual for each given torch selection will further drill down the type of torch you’re looking at with its available options. With/without a gas valve, two piece cable/one piece cable, with/without a high frequency box, etc..

    Example: WP-17's manual

    Weld Craft's full catalog is here with Weld-Ready TIG torch kits at the very bottom of page 27.

    Here are a few manufactures of TIG torches.

    Weld Craft

    CK Worldwide


    Nu-Tec Systems


    Even Lincoln Electric

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    Well I am honestly not trying to be a smart arse but not knowing what the welder was, I looked it up. When you purchase something that size I would have thought your welding knowledge and experience would give you answers to your own questions.
    I however did purchase a 200 DX and had never welded a thing in my life, so you may have gone the full hog like I did.
    That is a large and expensive machine though. Hope someone helps you because I for one am still learning after five years with mine. Thank God I do not weld for a living, I would be bust with the little I know.
    Good Luck.

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    We didn't answer this thread cause it seemed so stupid. Obviously the OP has never welded before, let alone Tig. A simple looksee through your owners manual, would tell you about lift arc tig.

    What do you need to know, hmmmm, a torch maybe with a dial to turn off/on the gas. A tig block and bottle of Argon, or trimix.

    The other guy needs the same, maybe a HF stabilizer for running Aluminum.

    Maybe a class on how to read your manual. or an internet class on how to search this forum would help too.

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    The trailblazer 325 is dc only, an Hf 251 would not allow you todo aluminum.

    What you need a is simple tig torch with a built in valve and power block for scratch start tig

    A foot pedal would be a nice feature to adjust heat
    and a bottle of argon

    Brand really isn't that important, but because of the board, I will suggest a
    WELDCRAFT AIRCOOLED, 200 A, 25ft W/VALVE WP26V25RM $258.62

    Also a pc-300 would allow for pulse tig

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruizer View Post
    . . . and bottle of Argon, or trimix.
    And as pointed out in the other thread - no trimix for SS with TIG - 100% argon only. TIG and CO2 (in trimix) do not go together.
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    Why are you complaining about an absolutely free resource? Great way to motivate people to help you!

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