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Cyberweld is a well known online based welding supply dealer. Also there have been many others that people recommend. I have purchased through them.

The 150 amp tig torch is pretty well sufficient for a 200 amp machine, as long as it is a 100% duty cycle one. Companies are now trying to make 60% duty cycle to reduce costs but I haven't seen tig torches be affected yet. I do know benard makes 60% duty mig guns.

I personally have owned the dynasty 200 DX for 4 years now and I have only burnt up the tig torch once and that was because I was welding 1/2" steel, to 1/2" steel, using 200 amps, 50/50 helium mix and almost nonstop for 5 hours.

The foot pedal is made from high impact plastic, I know this because I have kicked the crap out of mine getting pissed off on a job and it still works great. But don't do it yourself, its $250 to replace!

How were you able to weld 1/2" steel when the rating is only to 1/4" ?