I was going the Diversion 180 route but ordered from Cyberweld the Dynasty 200DX with air cooled foot pedal package. Can always move up to water cooled later and have the air cooled for portable jobs. Getting the machine itself was to me a great accomplishment.I figured even though I am new to TIG I would eventually have "buyers remorse" for the better machine.

Question: The wp-17 which I assume is a 150 amp torch is in the package with the Dynasty 200Dx. Why would they put a 150 AMP TORCH in a 200 amp package??

I am retired, disabled Vet, and have a 24x30 shop behind my house.
Have a Miller 130 and a Miller Vintage (great machine). I restore old equipment and cars.

Also ordered the Hypertherm 45 (65 too much for me) as I I do some fabrication.

Won't bore you anymore but was just excited.

You guts have really helped me, so thanks.

May God Bless You and your families
Pray for the Conn. families.