I was wondering what would be the best Miller Tig welder I could get for my particular situation? The power input for the welder would be a single phase 220v circuit with a 50 amp breaker. I have a budget of $5000.00. Is this more money than I need to spend for a welder that will match up with the power I have to offer it? Does it pay to have a unit with a water cooler? Inverter model? I will probably be welding equal amounts of stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. I would like a machine that has the fewest limitations for the money and power I have. I have alot of experience MIG welding and limited experience with Arc welding and brazing.
I have never TIG welded before and am aware of the diffuculty, but know I would like to start out with a high quality unit. I have read many of the articles on the Miller web-site, but would love to have some feed-back from the people who are out there using these products, as well as some Miller tech feedback if possible.