You guys have always been great to give advice to both veteran and newbie alike, so I feel pretty good about asking for suggestions. My situation: I'm 62, went to welding school for 1 1/2 years in the Midwest at 60, worked for almost a year till got laid off, put in my retirement papers. Moved to Oregon a few months ago, welding jobs are few and far between around the Salem area, at least the ones requiring less than 5 years experience. Going back to school at local CC for a more formal Tig class. Putting up a 30x40 workshop in the spring. Have Miller 180 auto set, Hobart AC/DC stick welder and Miller Shopmaster 300 and spool gun. will be looking for Horizontal band band saw to replace one I sold. I would really like to come up with an idea of how to generate some income from my shop, doesn't need to be a fortune but enough to suppliment the retirement and keep me from going absolutley out of my mind with boredom!!!!!

Any ideas would really be appreciative. I can make just abount thing from a print, i"m just not that creative to invent the item,,,,