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    Quote Originally Posted by Stu Miles View Post
    If machine only does 1/8 inch penetration on aluminum,
    and lets say I am welding 1/4 inch aluminum plate.
    I do one side and flip it over -
    is that doing the same thing as one pass with a machine rated for 1/4 inch alum ?

    Thanks, Stu
    I am curious as to what machine you are thinking gets 1/8 inch penetration on aluminum cause for $1000 you are not going to get a machine that even comes close to that.

    And when the size of a fillet weld is measured, it is measured from the leg to the toe and the effective throat is what actually means anything.

    I think you may be misunderstanding the ratings for these machines. When they say 1/4 inch, that means that is the max. thickness of base metal for a single pass weld.

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    Default Your advice is helping my decision

    Quote Originally Posted by MMW View Post
    What machine are you looking at? If you are looking at a 110 mig for aluminum don't waste your time. If the machine is rated for 1/8" steel it will not do 1/8" aluminum very well. Judging by your $1000 budget you are looking at something bigger?
    The advice here is a big help.
    I'm see I need to spend more for machine that can plug into 220 for better penitration.
    And this characterization makes me understand better -

    "So it's almost like a race where you're "chasing the heat." To weld aluminum, you need a machine with enough power to dump enough heat into the puddle faster than it can "leak out" into the surrounding metal."

    So guess I will save a little more money and go for the passport,
    I'll get a 220 plug into the garage. It's other attributes serve my needs.
    The stuff I want to do is not really weight bearing and will not have much stress on it. Just making armatures out of 1/4 " bar. I'll start on steel but would like to try aluminum at some point.

    Thanks for the help,

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    If these things are not going to be holding hardly any weight you are over thinking this. You are doing a simple butt joint it sounds like, just bevel the weld surfaces and weld them up. Or just take the parts to a local welder and have them weld the pieces you need, it would not cost much.

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    Default simple butt joint

    Ya I guess that's the thing - I 'm on a forum where most of the folks
    really do welding for specific heavy duty needs.

    My stuff is more hobby related - I attached a photo here of what I am wanting to do - but with aluminum as well as steel.

    They will be simple butt joints with 1/4 inch bar.
    But I do want to get into aluminum at some point.
    If anyone can point me to a tutorial video of a miller passport plus
    doing aluminum would appreciate. Can't find any on you tube.

    Thanks, Stu
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