I'm there too.

If you think that is bad, join Practical Machinist & start a thread on Bridgeports or Atlas/Craftsman lathes.

It's never pretty.

I've only been a member there since May 2008. I only reply to things I think I can add to the discussion. Most times I just read & enjoy the information.

I also get a lot out of WeldinWeb, but if you want to start some fireworks, start talking about building a trailer, a receiver hitch or stretching a frame. Or a chinese welder. You will get your head handed to you on a platter. Not a silver one, just a simple platter.

But I enjoy & get a lot of good information from both sites. Here too, even though I primarily read the threads & don't say much. But if you knew me in real life, I talk to students all day long, don't really have much to say in the evenings.