I purchased a Syncrowave 200 maybe around 2 years ago new. I use it to weld up small parts on mild steel. Mostly have it set between 60 to maybe 90v but sometime have it down to 20 to 30. Anyway,,, the last time I tried to use it the arc was going everywhere, no smoothness to it at all, I know somthing was wrong. I took it back to where I got it from and they said it was still under warrenty. a cupple weeks later they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it, they needed to check the peddel and torch, so I took that in, it's been a few weeks. and I called the guys about it and they said they got it fixed that it needed to be adjusted that it wasn't runnign smooth at low voltage. Then he said that it was going to be $140, I told him I thought it was still under warrenty, he said well not for adjustment. Is someone just tring to get into my pocket? Is this covered in my warrenty? If it is not covered, How and where do I need to make any adjustments so they do not have to have my machine for 1-1/2 months again?