Clarification --- This is about gas piping after the gas co. meter in buildings. See JT's post #7

Got asked Thursday if I do gas piping. I replied no as I'm not certified for that. Happened to talk to the guy again today for something else and again he asked me about doing piping. He said it is "new" work as in no gas involved yet & no cert necessary. They are starting a condo complex soon & he described it is a big main into the basement and pipes running up to each unit. There is no written procedure. The welder cuts a hole with a torch & welds a fitting on for the stove/heater/whatever connection. They pressure test to 100 psi & if a leak is found you just weld more. I couldn't beleive it but he says that's it. He is a forman for a large plumbing contractor. It sounds like all the major piping is done but when they get there they need to tie in.

I'm just wondering if anyone has done anything like this? I always thought you had to have a cert to do gas pipe work?