Before I drag the machines off to the repair shop I thought to try here. I've got a 30a and a push pull both connected to an XR control, which is connected to an Invision 354. I've had this problem for awhile, but it is particularly sensitive to my current job: a series of lap welds .08 to .188. I am using the 5356 .045 pulse program. the problem is the wire speed keeps fluctuating. I'll have the settings perfect, it will weld nicely for five minutes, then the wire will slow, stickout drops and makes a mess. I have to adjust the wire speed from 190 to 300 to get it back to welding decently. That lasts for a few minutes before wire speed picks up again and blows right thru the workpiece.Then I have to dial back. What's also crazy is i have to really make drastic changes in stickout or wire speed to get a response.

Now keep in mind this happens both with my spoolgun and my push pull gun, which makes me think the problem is xr related rather than gun related.

The spoolgun liner is fine/clean, the tip is a 3/64 aluminum as it should be. The wire feeds okay when I take the tensioner off and push. The spool seems okay, not binding. Same holds true for the push pull. i am using knurled drive rolls, but they are clean, no shavings in the liner etc.

Both spoolgun and push pull power cables run thru the voltage sensing switch and connect to the XR power block.
Any suggestions?