I have the following:

Miller Dynasty DX (KJ171178)
Miller Dynasty 300DX (KK115418)
Miller Spectrum 2050 (KJ140832)

Foot controls
New TIG Torch
Used TIG Torch
2) Rod holders
2) Grounding clamps
2) 60 amp plugs
2) 480v 60 amp quick disconnects with plug in
1) 480v 60amp quick disconnect
Stainless filler rods, about 100 lbs (1/8 & 3/16)
Various fittings for the TIG Torches

All of the equipment is from an industrial plant and has not been used since shutdown in 2007.

In 2009 I brought the 300DX in for inspection and repair. (2 power modules replaced, $500)

This equipment is overkill for my basic needs. I would like to sell it and get something more my speed (Just learning to weld, basic home and garage use)