I will be welding up a sturdy 4x8 utility trailer that has a drop-bed feature. I need recommendations on paint. Here are the criteria:

  • I will be storing it outside.
  • It must be very durable; Rustoleum will not do; I have that on my current trailer.
  • Must be gloss black.
  • Looking at epoxy primers.
  • Looking at two-part urethane finishes or epoxy for the top coat.
  • Not spray-applied. I will roll and tip the finish (roll it on and tip off any bubbles with a brush).
  • No need for supplied-air type respirators; organic cartridges for vapors and mists will be used. I know some high-tech commercial finishes need special filters and even booths for ventilation because they are so toxic to brain cells; I don't want that.
  • Applied in a heated garage in a Michigan December.
  • Would prefer it in quarts, gallons if I must, but not 5-gallon pails.
  • Did I mention durable and glossy black?

I got a quote from a commercial painting service that does agricultural equipment for $500, which seems high for a little trailer with a wood bed. They use a Sherwin-Williams epoxy primer with a two-part urethane top coat, spray applied. I looked up the products and they are only available in five-gallon pails.

I have worked with epoxy coatings in the past while building wooden boats and coating my garage floor. I am familiar with their working characteristics. I like the durability and the low odor.

Any recommendations?