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    Default Tungsten question....weldcraft vs weldmark

    has anyone used weldmark green pure tungsten? its much cheaper than weldcraft. is the weldmark any good? thanks a lot.

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    Go cheap ive used 2% for everything including aluminum. No issues

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    just watched a welding tips and tricks video and he said the 2% lanthinated will hold up on ac and dc. can i just buy 1 type of tungsten?

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    Default green(pure) tungsten is primarily for aluminum , not used with inverter powersources

    Yes you can use 2% lanthanated tungsten ( Blue color) for everything. also 1.5 % lanthanated which are gold can also be used for everything. I use both but i have to say the 2% seem to take the higher current levels better and they dont seem to burn up or erode at all. they are really good. Seems like many welding books dont talk too much about them yet, mostly refer to Thoriated for steels and either pure or zirtungs for aluminum. The Lanthanated and Cerium electrodes are kinda "new" like the inverter machines they tend to use them with.
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    Thumbs up 100% green tungsten on aluminium with Dynasty 350 works awesome

    green tungsten can be used with inverter welders on aluminum...i use it everyday on a dynasty awesome, so why say it can't be used??????????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunder71 View Post
    green tungsten can be used with inverter welders on aluminum...i use it everyday on a dynasty awesome, so why say it can't be used??????????????
    Nobody says you can't use it. Shucks, I could use it but why would it when my 2% lanthanated holds the point for days without splintering or spitting.

    You can tune an inverter tig to utilize any blend, so why would I shackle myself with low temp pure when I can take advantage of high temp blends. TriMix is my favorite but wildly expensive.
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    low temp??? i run 235 amps welding anodized aluminum...i have tryed different types but the 100% works the best for ME...

    holds a point for days maybe with the machine turned off,ha green don't need a point and will never need sharpening, never

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