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you resonate my situation - except that I posted something similar spring of this year - my local voc school has a hobby class as intro to welding - a workshop atmosphere where you can learn ANY method - I did MIG for one night - then Stick for a little more than about a 1/2 of the classes and have been working on TIG since with next week being my last class. Craigslist is your friend (along with THIS forum and the weldingtipsandtricks.com site). I bought a used Thunderbolt 225 AC/DC as a stick machine of CL and just recently acquired a MM211. My future goal is to get the stinger and another bottle set up for a scratch start TIG - point is - get into a hobby class with an instructor to start. Then use CL to get some equipment (or buy new if you have the $) - then as EVERYone states and states again and again for completely valid reasons - get time burning metal .....good luck.
Ya the burn time is why I am so eager to get a welder asap. I have a guy from craigslist selling the lincoln weldpak 155 used for 300 bucks. Being that I dont know much about them other than they condition. It looks to be in good condition. He sent me 6 pictures of it or so. But it is 220, and the hobart 140 is regular 110 house line 20 amp circuit.

So far this is the toughest thing I ever wanted to buy LOL, but it is all in a good way. The guy with the brand new lincoln 180 for 400 never responded. I would much rather get something brand new. But I dont want something too too cheap. OhHHHh decisions decisions.