I have been wanting to learn to weld for a pretty long time now and for one reason or another I never did.

I have a few questions. I would someday like to be able to build a 6x10 utility trailer, but am no where expienced to do that now. So I guess my first question is, what would be a good welder to start with that would allow me to one day build a utility trailer?

I am a carpenter by trade, with light electrical and plumbing experience, mainly installing kitchens and bathrooms. I do mostly finish carpentry now.

I would really like to learn to weld, but i dont want to buy just a junko welder. I would like something I could kinda grow into but not over doing it. I have put some money aside to buy some equiptment for this. I have read some books, and watched countless how to videos.

I have so many questions, and would really like to start asap.

Should I start with a mig welder or just maybe an ac/dc stick welder?
Should I look for a used welder as compared to a new one?

Only thing about a used one, is since I dont know to much about it I would hate to buy junk. I do want to stay with a miller, or name brand.

If someone would teach me I would even work for them for free just to gain the experience.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.