Hi everyone. My name's Matt, I'm 22 and I run a small business with my friend. We do a lot of exhaust work, as well as any other projects e can get our hands on. We just picked up an extremely lightly used SyncroWave 250DX, so I can finally get back into TIG, my preferred method of making two pieces of hot metal turn into one piece of hot metal. Enjoy! All comments and criticism are welcome!

For reference, I've been welding for about seven years now.

Not too pretty here. 2"x.083" DOM steel for a roll cage, obviously TIG. Didn't use enough filler, and the heat was clearly a bit inconsistent.

A bit better here. You can see I stopped being afraid of the filler, though hand control was obviously an issue with this joint.

MIG here. 2.5" OD x 16ga T304. Panel gaps could have been wider, maybe ould have backed off on the wire speed.