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    Default Millermaatic 212 auto-set

    I am having problems with the wire feed on my millermatic 212 auto-set. The machine first started acting up a week ago when the wire feed didnt shut off. I pulled apart the trigger for the wire feed. The switch was operating properly when i did a continuity test with my muilitmeter, however i thought that there may have been some sort of debris in the mechanism so I changed it out anyways.

    After changin the trigger it had worked for a couple of days and now we are back to the origional problem. turn on the machine, after depressing the trigger the wire feed starts and after the trigger is released the wire feed dosnt stop.

    Anyone have any suggestions for me?


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    My MM211 has a sticky trigger as well.
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    I dont think it is the trigger though because I ahd replaced it last week and now I am having the same problems all over again. Any other ideas rather than a stickey trigger?

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