Hello. I'm new to the forum and I've been doing some googling but almost everyone that seems to have the MM211 runs it off 220v power. Here are my questions.

I have a stand alone garage that has a 110v outlet in it with a 20a CB. I'd like to get a MM211 as I have run across a great deal on one. My question is what kind of ability will I have with it on 100V? I called AirGas but the guy just kinda read the manual to me and didn't have any personal insight. I'd be welding 1/4'' steel and doing some aluminum with it also (not any thicker than the steel). I'm wondering if this machine running off 110v with a 20a CB will weld that material? And if so, will it do a good job?

While I'm on the subject, I'm looking at the Spectrum 375 Extreme and will be running it off the same power source. Will I be able to cut 1/4'' steel with it?

I'm hoping someone who actually has done this or does do it or has tried it will have some advice. If anyone knows I would appreciate the input. Thanks in advance.