I am going to look at some used welders this weekend. On the table so far is a MM 251 and a Lincoln 160t. Both are complete and have seen little use, from the looks in the pictures. I currently have a smaller plasma and a cst280 stick machine. I have a 17 series tig torch for the cst but since it doesn't have a solenoid I think I would rather have a dedicated tig machine that has HF start capability. The lincoln has a foot pedal as well. I am leaning toward the 251 because MIG is pretty clean and fast welding. That machine has a great duty cycle and is pretty versatile for what I do. Most of my stuff is offroad fab or equipment repair. A mig/stick setup would work pretty good for that.

I'm asking you guys because I can't fully decide what to get. What would be a logical step in building my list of equipment up? I am picking up side jobs as I go so that is a factor as my next machine is for more than just personal/hobby use.