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    Default XMT 350 CC/CV history, issues, problems? Looking at a 2006 unit....

    Looking at a 2006 XMT 350 CC/CV, supposedly with low hours. It's over 6 years old now, did these machines have any problems that were fixed in subsequent model years? The owner says it's a "second generation" XMT. I can't find any history on these in the bit of web searching I've done.


    PS: tried to search the forums, but can't figure out how to get past the 4 letter search term minimum. or at least that's what i think is getting me no hits.

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    As long as you won't be having it running on big power like 575, it'll be ok.

    Also when you buy it, take the top cover off and tighten the backs of the output studs. You should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruizer View Post
    ............when you buy it, take the top cover off and tighten the backs of the output studs. You should be fine.
    Emphasis on "tighten the backs of the output studs." My XMT 350 cc/cv suffered a major meltdown due to output studs that loosened (just a bit) with light use over the three years+ of my ownership. Did a DIY repair but it cost me over $1200 in parts.

    Buy a torque wrench that is adjustable in inch/lbs. and get a copy of the shop manual for the welder if you can't find the studs or the correct torque setting. Consult cruizer about the manual if you need it.
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