I have a 180sd that's somewhere around 7 years old - zero hours on it. When I bought it new I hooked it up and struck an arc, then nothing. I never could get it to work again. Never had the time to mess with it till now. Here's what I've tested & know at this point;

The digital display seems to work properly, with no errors.

I was able to strike an arc using stick

I tested the foot control (rfcs-14) for continuity in all 5 wires, ohm'd the rheostat and got smooth consistent readings

There are 24v at the gas solenoid regardless of what I do with the foot control. It's always closed.

I grounded the solenoid terminal without power & it opened and closed normally. So I think it's good.

Ive checked for blockage in the gas line - I can blow through it relatively easily.

Sound like an issue with the circuit board? I have not visually inspected it yet. Thanks for any help!