Hi my name is tristan Ingraham i am 16 years old and i am looking to take a trade at NSCC marconi campus in the year 2014 or 2015 and im with the 02 program which is for teenagers and it shows them how work is and helps make goals towards there future goals. These are a few questions i was hoping to get answered if anyone on the forum could answer these questions i would greatly appreciate it Thank you all Very much for your time.

1: Was welding a job you’ve wanted from the start, and if not, what was your dream job?

2:What influenced you to become a welder?

3: How long have you been a welder?

4: How long did it take you to get classified as a class A welder?

5: Where do you currently work?

6: What would your dream work location be? Why?

7: how many different places have you worked as a welder?

8: What is your favorite Part of welding or the part that you enjoy the most?

9: What are some Types of things you need to learn while taking your trade in welding?

10: Are there any tips or words of advice you could give me before I take my trade in welding, or some things I should expect or know?

11: What has been your experience with the following?

Are you unionized?

Are you covered for workers compensation?

Are accidents a major concern with welding (what was the worst that you have experienced or seen?).