First off I am a 24 year old journeyman welder /boilermaker a lot of the problem is a lot of the people trying to get in the industry go to some welding school where the teachers are 9 times out of 10 not good at the trade themselves and the schools don't care if they learn they just want the 10-20 grand per student and will teach you how to pass a test. And another problem is every shop I worked at when I was trying to learn the trade just wanted some guy welding the same part or job all day for 13-20 an hour which is in no way enough to live on when the company is almost always charging labour out at we'll above that. If your a business owner find someone who is willing to learn give him a FAIR wage and help him learn and once he is a competent tradesman it's up to you and your wallet to keep him after all the company gets fat off the backs of its workers.