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    Default Where are all the talented welders!!!???

    Hey everybody, hope all is well. Just doing some venting. Over the past month i've hired 3 different welders with certs. All seem to weld fine on my pre hiring weld test but when they're out in the field the talent fades. Not to mention the whining and complaining of the cold and the mud. We work in Canada in the winter i hope its cold. have a small company of 5 solid welders that have been with me for 5 years but cant seem to get lucky with any new hires. Any business owners, supervisors noticed a trend lately of the lack of skilled welders. Post your comments this is driving me mental.

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    Your either paying them to much, that its gone to their heads. (That's where the whining comes from) had a coworker last year. A machinist $25+hr. Had to have coffee and a cigarette every 1/2hr. Would complaint about everything. The foreman put him on probation & no smoking in the shop. Last I heard he's straight ad an arrow.
    About the weld quality, if they ain't motivated to do quality. Welds. Have em grind the welds off and fix them. Make them aware. That below grade welds. Are not satisfactory. If this doesn't do it hire new help.
    Also it sounds like your wrlders are working outside. As an employer give them a comfortable environment. ( thermal gloves, boots & overalls. Goes a long ways.
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    First thought....

    The pay is not attractive to the skilled guys.

    It's winter time in Canada, all us skilled guys live in Texas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amc724 View Post

    It's winter time in Canada, all us skilled guys live in Texas.
    Nothing welded, Nothing gained

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    Working in the cold puts hair on your chest and in some cases on your back. My employees are pretty spoiled. The best of the best equipment and warm winter gear coming out the ying yang. I think some blame has to go to college welding programs and private trade schools. People get their tickets and think they're full rate welders. To me a cert from a school is your license to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamondfab View Post
    ..... a cert from a school is your license to learn.
    I can't even begin to properly express how much I do NOT KNOW about welding......nor can I AGREE with you MORE on this statement...of ANY cert - regardless of profession.

    Sounds like you are getting called upon to strap on that instructor gear and go produce an environment of better crew members which - is self benefiting at the end of the day after all. Guess you've also just learned (or been reminded) that you can't depend on others to produce to your expectations either.

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    Default Think back...

    What did the guys that have been with you for 5+ years look like when they started? Time to give the newbie a bit more rope as they may be pushing the good ones on prematurely.
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    Default I love the cold!

    I live in Quebec,Canada and its a issue we see as well. I've been an Ironworker for 7 years now, fabrication and on site installation. But its not only a problem for welder/ironworkers its in all trades. Most guys I know take the season off.
    We are obliged to be unionized to work construction here. So when you first join a union they send you a book with your worker rights which is fine but some guys take advantage of it, example if its +40c or above or -35c or below you can just go home. Its happened plenty of times we are less then a hand full of guys on site because of this.
    For the quality in welds in my opinion, welding coupons to pass tests and welding on site are two different things. What we have done in the past is let our welders weld only during shop fabrication to see his workmanship, quality ect. for a period of time as a trial period before we even consider letting them weld on site certified or not.
    So having dealt with the same problems you're having we are only 2 workers in the company right now. Better to let jobs go cause lack of man power then loss money on bad workmanship that can also ruin a company's rep.

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    I blame companies like Miller that build new machines so advanced that even my pet dog's welding can look good. Far too many young welders have used these latest technologies to compensate for unskilled welding techniques.

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