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Thread: multimatic 200

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    I have one and love it....haven't used the spoolgun yet but I'm sure I'll screw with that soon
    Multimatic 200 w/ Tig kit & Spoolgun
    Victor Torch
    Accumulating as I go

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveBryant View Post
    I took a couple of short 2X4s and made 2 dadoes in each one to elevate my Multimatic a bit. This way, I can open the door without lifting the machine off of its base. You can also see an extension cord that I made out of previous 110V 10-3 extension cord. This cord was 50' originally and I cut it down about fifteen years ago to work on a 220 3 HP Air Compressor. Then I installed new plugs and receptacles on it and it's now about 45'. Note, I bought my Multimatic 200 in September from Baker gas when the offer for the free FX welding table was available. I really like the table too. The machine welds like a dream on MIG and C25. I plan to try some stick welding and flux core welding when the weather gets better here. Previously, I had never done any MIG welding. However, I did do some Ox Acetylene welding and stick welding about 40 years ago when I worked as a diesel mechanic. Steve
    Thanks for the 2x4 idea. It worked out great. Someone went to a lot of trouble to design that bottom to lock into some kind of mounting base. I was going to try and make the dadoes narrower until I realized the bottom is designed to dovetail into something. So, unless I wanted to measure and cut angled dadoes then I just needed to make them wide enough for the dovetailed flanges to fit into. I sent a note to Miller asking if there was some sort of mounting adapter and they answered that the best way to do it is basically just as you recommend. They said ------- "No, we do not have a slotted assembly to mount to a cart However, you could use two blocks of wood and slide them between the dovetail flanges. Then mount the blocks of wood to the cart. Then drill holes through the flanges and fasten the welder to the blocks of wood with screws."

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    Default Derating between CC and CV Modes

    Quote Originally Posted by snoeproe View Post
    What I don't like about the Multimatic 200 is that it is a 200 amp machine in mig (CV) mode only. It stick and tig mode (CC), it is only a 150 amp machine. Not sure why Miller designed the machine with such a de rating between cc and cv modes.
    My guess is that the CC part uses the circuitry of a Maxstar 150STL while the CV circuitry is new.

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