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    Default Airco 1-8ADT-2-A BusyBee Welder - need information

    I was given a complete welding and cutting setup so I can fabricate some small cargo carts for my dogs. Its all really old stuff but still works great.

    The welder is an Airco 1-8ADT-2-A
    Stock no. 1353-0101 / BusyBee Transformer Welder / 180 Ampere AC MSM

    I'm trying to find a manual for it and was told Miller might have one; as it is probably a re-branded Miller welder.

    Does anyone know which manual might go with this welder? Help is greatly appreciated I tried looking through all of the online manuals, using the serial number; model number; keywords, etc. and still can't find anything. Maybe its not a re-branded miller after all?

    AIRCO Welder.jpg

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    Well, Thank you so much to the Miller's literature fulfillment team! They got back to me today which is less than a 24 hr. turnaround on my request. Excellent customer service!

    I thought I'd update this with what I found, in case anyone else needs the information.

    The manual for this welder is:
    Miller Welders
    Model M-180, M-180P, M-225, M-225P
    Operating and Maintenance Manual
    Form no. MO-114-8J-C2

    I'm happy! :P

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