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    My welder (302tb) just sits in my yard. The tongue is removable. When i want to move i bolt tongue on (5 bolt structural bolts) in weird pattern. Then i unlock the choker that goes thru the wheels and to the frame then i inflate my tires. If i have to leave onsite i hang it about 70' in the air.

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    I'm thinking that if a thief wants it bad enough, it will be gone the next time you show up if it is left at a job site. Seems to me that the best way to keep anything safe is to take it back to the shop every night (hopefully attached to or VERY near your house) where you have a VERY GOOD alarm system watched over by an owner that has a .357 Mag handy.

    Shoot the perp and go bury his remains in the desert....repeat as necessary. The word will get around sooner or later and you will be able to not have to use your expensive ammo any more.
    Don J
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    What I normally do is run a cable choker through the tires a sep one and lock on each side. Basically so they have to cut to I use the master lock brand tounge lock that actually locks up were teh ball goes and has the piece that locks on the lip. I also Throw a 10 by 12 tarp over my machine and boxs. Basically so when people drive by they can't tell it is a $13,000 machine and tools sitting there. They usually go for the machine with no locks and that has tires on it. I try and have my machine where you can't back right up to it and go that is the biggest deal with thiefs is the easy of thieft.
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